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Zemzem Tower Desk Clock Esma ül Hüsna Home Decor Mecca Rhinestone Islamic Art Sculpture Table Decoration Gift Size 24*6 CM


Painted with paint on Compressed Marble Powder and 1st Quality Polyester material and covered with metallization.

The product is decorated with Swarovski crystal stones and polished.

Does not tarnish and does not corrode.

The product is packaged in its special box and packaged firmly against breaking.

Use a damp cloth to clean the product.

It has 99 names of Allah on it.

It will add both peace and elegance to your environment.

The trinket, which you can think of as a gift to your loved ones, will be both a meaningful and decorative gift.

Zemzem Tower Desk Clock Esma-ül Hüsna Home Decor

95٫76$ سعر عادي
51٫71$سعر البيع
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